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New to Who? Don’t be afraid!

  I was first introduced to the amazing world of Doctor Who during the 1980’s. Like many young geeks at the time, I was mesmerized by the colorful Doctor with the long scarf and teethy smile who popped up on PBS. My love was reborn when the series began again in 2005


Bitten: A Show About Family (Review)

WARNING: General spoilers for episode 1 of Bitten are contained in this review. I know very little about werewolves.  They change at the full moon, silver bullet kills them, that’s about it.  After watching the series premiere of Bitten, I’m finding that, like with vampires, the rules seem to change from series


Catching Up: Mad Men Season One

Spoilers, in case like me you’ve managed to avoid them for the last six years. If you’ve been reading Pure Geekery for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m awful with pop culture. I don’t keep up with shows, movies, or games. Often Claire will ask me “Have you seen


Love, Actually: Sorry, But I Didn’t Love It

Spoilers, but the movie’s been out 10 years so I think we’re past the statute of limitations on spoilers. I had never really given Love, Actually much of a thought. I saw the previews when it came out, thought “wow, that has a lot of people in it” and promptly forgot about it.


Claire’s Christmas Movie Countdown

I’m so close to the end of the semester I can taste it…cookies, movies, and spiced cider time is right around the corner, and I plan on celebrating with my favourite Christmas movies. Here are 10 movies you’re sure to see on the cable guide this Christmas season ranked as my top


The Book Thief: A Film That Does The Book Justice

This review contains spoilers: It’s been about four years since I read The Book Thief.  My memory of it is very hazy other than the fact that I loved it, and couldn’t believe it was considered a book for young adults while reading it.  Going into the advance screening I saw Wednesday


Catching Fire: The film smoulders, but never burns

Warning: This post contains spoilers. The book’s been out since 2009, it’s past the spoiler expiration and if you really don’t want to know, stop reading. Go get a coffee and come back when you’ve seen the movie. I’d love to hear what you think.   Panem. A dystopian vision of America’s


Let Me Use My Game Console as a Cable Box

I fear I’m losing my technology passion. I’m not excited about phones, upgrades are incremental at this point. I feel the same way about tablets. I couldn’t tell you what’s new with the iPad Air, other than it’s arier I suppose. And now I’m not excited about the new game consoles. Here’s where


Level 17: A Fun, Free Web Series

Professional, emerging, amateur and student independent South Australian filmmakers have combined their talents to produce the digital web series “Level 17”. Part of our culture is interest in science fiction, fantasy and action based adventures with Level 17 promising to meet those needs in a fresh, new innovative web-series. With a confirmed


Claire’s Top 10 Halloween Movies

It’s no secret that I love movies and TV and dressing up. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that All Hallows Eve is a time of much creepy celebration in my house. I love creepy movies and while I haven’t had as much time as I would like to watch them this year