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Product Review: Garmin Vivoactive 4/4s

Two years ago I bought a Garmin Vivoactive on my quest for a smartwatch to replace my Pebble. Shortly after, I upgraded to the Vivoactive 3 when it was released and became entrenched in the Garmin ecosystem. When Garmin released the Vivoactive 4/4s (and I found out about the significant discount through


Product Review: Ms. Marvel Necklace by Femmecraft

Editor’s note: The necklace reviewed in this post was provided to Pure Geekery for review purposes. Femmecraft also provided the giveaway. You know what I love about the world right now? That the more mainstream comics and superheroes and general geekiness get, the more awesome accessories I can find. These days I can’t


Service Review: Ipsy Box

Disclaimer: I subscribed to the ipsy box on my own, and we don’t have any affiliate links in the review. The only thing I’ll get if you subscribe from here is “ipsy points” which is a program to earn free product that’s open for anyone who subscribes. It’s time for another subscription box review!


Product Review: Handbag of Holding

Disclaimer: I got the Handbag of Holding free from ThinkGeek for review. There are also affiliate links in here, so if you buy it after clicking on one I get a cut. #FeedABlogger When I got a new job, I got a work laptop. Which meant my up-to-this-point perfect Ogio tablet purse was out of


#GeekLife: Cosplay on a Budget

Lets face it- cosplay is expensive. Once you start pricing out the time and money spent getting every fabulous detail 100% perfect, it becomes painfully clear that it’s nearly impossible for the everyday geek to make the perfect costume. (Especially a geek with wedding and school tuition bills to pay!)Sure there’s awesome


5 on Friday: Why Dresses are the Best

I’m not super girly, or so I’ve been told. Personally I think I’m very girly. I’m just not that into fashion (related, is this circuitboard dress too much?). I’m not sure if it comes down to being the only girl in the neighborhood, being immersed in geek culture in middle and high school,  or


5 on Friday: ModCloth Lets You be Geek Chic by the Pool

FTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  It’s almost summer. Almost. I mean, it has to be right? Don’t remind me it snowed here in Indy earlier this week. This has been the longest winter I


Makeup Review: Philly Loves Lacquer – Avenuers

As much as I love the idea of indie polish, it’s not something I buy a lot of. Most of it tends to be very sparkly, and I am not a sparkly type girl (I actually gave Claire my bottle of Be Excellent to Each Other. Claire loves sparkle.). So I was


Gift Guide: Geek Chic Gifts

Geek chic is all over the place anymore. Geeky T-shirts, jewelry, glasses, etc are all considered fashionable anymore. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right gift for the fashionable geek in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 1) SeV Cardigan or Pullover


Responding to: Hot Topic’s Cosplay Shirt

The controversy du jour in the geek community is the cosplay shirt Hot Topic was selling, and subsequently pulled. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m not a cosplayer, or even really a costumer, so maybe that’s why I’m not offended. (Plus, I don’t really take anything Hot Topic