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QuantumFit: Building Functional Fitness

I am, admittedly, a skeptic of CrossFit style workouts. I know they’re the latest workout trend, and derby girls love it, but I just haven’t gotten on board. I’ve seen the CrossFitters on the Monon (a rail trail here in Indy), getting yelled at and stopping to do pushups and it just


5 on Friday: 5 Ways I’m Going to Focus on My Health

At the beginning of the year I started writing a series of posts about how I needed to focus on my health. But work got busy. I had to retire from roller derby. I had a foot injury. And I lost all motivation. It’s the middle of the year now and it’s


Leveling Up: Game Over

You may have noticed I haven’t written a Leveling Up post in nearly a month. The reason is, simply, I haven’t been gaining any XP. I’ve been losing weight, but by just having a lack of appetite not from eating well. In fact, I’m eating junk just not enough of it to


Leveling Up: Achievement Unlocked – Five Pounds Down

Sorry I haven’t been writing Leveling Up posts lately. It’s been a lot of “stay the course” boring stuff like counting calories and working out. Although, I have to admit, my working out motivation has been low lately. I need to get my butt into gear and work on my off skates


5 on Friday (Leveling Up Edition): Tools to Make Your Health Goals Successful

As with any quest, it’s dangerous to go alone. It’s best to have some trusty tools with you as you head out. Your health journey is no different. Here are five tools to help every geek track their progress. 1. LoseIt! (iOS, Android, Web) – I tried three of the bigger name apps


Level 1 (Replay): Let’s Try This Workout Thing Again

I may have overset my goals last week. My plan was to return to practice three days a week, and do some off skates training three days a week. Well, I made it to practice three days, but I only did off skates training once. Ouch. I had not realized how much


Level 1: Add In Fitness

I declared last week that I would begin a quest to “level up.”  That is, I’m working on my overall health. I started by cutting my calories and trying to make what I did eat a little healthier. I would say this first week has been a success in that I’ve lost


Leveling Up: +1 to Energy from Eating Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the foundation of how you will eat for the rest of your meals. (They of course, are those who are them.) It took me forever (long since before I even started this blog) to find an easy, filling breakfast that


Level 0: A Journey Begins

Happy National Hangover Day everyone! With the New Year comes a new series on my blog. This one will focus on fitness and nutrition. I know this sounds awful. But let’s face it; a healthy mind requires a healthy body. I’ll focus on fitness and nutrition for us busy geeks who are


Happy One Year Derbyversary to Me!

With all the extra hours at work, and the vacation immediately following, I got very fall behind on my write once a day goal. I also completely missed my first year derbyversary!  Derby becomes so much a part of your life, that we celebrate the moment we entered it. We use it