Level 1: Add In Fitness

I declared last week that I would begin a quest to “level up.”  That is, I’m working on my overall health. I started by cutting my calories and trying to make what I did eat a little healthier. I would say this first week has been a success in that I’ve lost 2.6 pounds, and dropped my body fat a tenth of a percent. It doesn’t seem like much, but it didn’t get put on overnight and it won’t come off overnight.

This week brings a new challenge. I’m heading back to practice. As I mentioned, I go to practice and then come home and EAT ALL THE THINGS. I would venture to say in the time between practice and bed I eat more than I burned at practice. And then I’m starving the next day too, so I eat a lot then. It all adds up.

I’m also going to be doing some cross training. I’ll be logging it on Fitocracy and I’d love it if you join me there. I’m not going to log practice time, only outside of practice activities  Otherwise, I level up way too quickly and don’t get a good idea of my lifestyle changes.

Week 1
Weight: 150.0
Body Fat: 31%
Cal a Day: 1,200

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