photo (1)Everyone needs a good origin story. Pure Geekery started when Nicole¬†realized her friends of Facebook probably weren’t as interested in technology and games as she was, and she could not be verbose enough on Twitter. The solution was to blog so anyone who wanted to read more could, and the rest could easily ignore it.

A few months in, Claire started talking about creating her own geek parenting blog. Nicole asked her to join up with Pure Geekery instead. Since then we’ve morphed from a technology and gaming focus, to a geek culture blog.

Ryan came in after writing a funny 30 second review of “Man of Steel” on his Facebook page. Nicole saw it, and told him he should totally do reviews for Pure Geekery.

Our Focus

Our goal here at Pure Geekery is to tell stories around geek culture. There are plenty of places around the web to get a review of the latest gadget or TV show. We’re here to tell you about how these things work in real life. How our experiences with them were.

How We Met

Claire and Nicole met playing roller derby, and bonded over ridiculous references to games and TV shows during practice. Outside of practice they can be found around the D&D table, crafting, and watching movies. They have a dream of one day opening their own Coffee of Doom style coffee house.

You can learn more about Nicole or Claire on their respective About pages.