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Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Packing Procrastination Edition

I’ve been packing my house for weeks. I swear I don’t think we have that much stuff for three people, but the boxes in my living room beg to differ. In the name of packing procrastination, I give you the top five awesome things on the internet that have been distracting me


You Should Be Using Dual Factor Authentication

Another day, another high profile social media attack, this time it’s the US Central Command Twitter and YouTube pages. Hacking these sorts of pages isn’t particularly hard, you already have one piece of information (the login or username). We haven’t heard about what tools these hackers may have used, it could have


The Problem With Google Bookmark Manager

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote a post about organizing your bookmarks. Google released Google Bookmark Manager last week. Of course they did. Once I find a system I like there’s a new one out. It seemed like a really interesting approach. It is a Google Chrome plugin, which usually


Digital Organization: Bookmarks

I am struggling to organize my digital life. And while there are several parts I could talk about (and most likely will at some point) right now the one that bugs me the most is my bookmarks. My biggest problem is self imposed. I don’t like keeping most of my bookmarks in


It’s a twister…

It’s been one of those days where I feel like I’m standing in the eye of a tornado. Calm (or at least faking it well), while everything swirls around me, trying to catch and deal with what I can as it flies by. Apparently this is a good thing- very zen, or


Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Videos, Books, and Pandas!

It’s the time again! Please mindlessly enjoy this awesomeness I’ve rounded up during hours of procrastination.   5. It’s banned books week! And half of my top 10 favourite books are on this list of 12 Weird reasons for banning sci-fi books. (Though I think the author should re-educate themselves on the


Shameless Plug: Hipsternima

It’s the Husband’s 30th birthday! An entire day of celebrations and reminding him that it’s all downhill from here. It’s all out of love, I swear. 😀 In addition to beer, burgers (Note: I got a bacon cheese burger, he got a wrap. The waitress tried to give me his meal. Teehee.),


Dear Internet: Stop it.

I’m really starting to despise the internet. From complete refusal to see any other sides to misguided attempts to “educate” friends on topics they could not possibly know about (newsflash: They probably do. You look like a dick.), Facebook and comment blogs have become almost impossible for me to watch. It used


It’s OK to Disagree

You all (hopefully) saw Claire’s post on Thursday about disconnecting. And when you saw that, you probably thought of all the places Pure Geekery is on the web. One of our readers even made us a “clog all the pipes” meme. Well that’s mostly me. I am a big social networking fan.


Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet

I’m loving this 90 degree weather. Even though I grew up in the midwest, I’m a warm weather gal. Give me the Cali sun year round and I’d be happy. Windows open, Burn Notice reruns, and I have all I need to spend a day making paper orchids for wedding decor. After