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Google Now is Available on iOS

I’ve gone through a few smartphones this year, bouncing back and forth between iOS and Android. I landed on iOS as my  mobile platform of choice because it has tons of games,a good camera, and good battery life. One thing I missed about Android though was the Google Now app. Google Now is a


Amazon Original Pilots: Zombieland

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love TV. Sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, drama, ridiculously stupid reality tv- as long as it doesn’t have a Kardashian or Seacrest in it, I’m in. Netflix’s resurrection of Arrested Development had me jumping up and down like a 5-year-old at FAO Shwartz (I’m still holding out for


Think Then Post: Responsibility in Citizen Journalism

Do you use twitter? Or Facebook? Or any social network? Do you have a phone with a camera? Congratulations, you are a citizen journalist. Whether you want to be or not. With these tools you are able to spread information, or misinformation, around the globe with the press of a button. Stop


App Review: Whims

I must say, I am really surprised by the staying power instagram has. When it was released, I understood the novelty. Low resolution square photos felt new in our high def, wide screen world. Applying filters is fun, and makes mundane pictures seem interesting. After all, would photos of snacks be as eye


5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook Feed

Spring officially starts this week, so it’s time to start spring cleaning. While scrubbing the windows and cleaning up the garden are important, you need to set aside time to clean up your digital life as well. Let’s start with the beast that is Facebook. Facebook is a mess. If you’re like


A Girl in Geek Culture…

Hi my name is Nicole. I’m 26. I’m female. And I play video games. And because of all that, I was nervous to write this post. This in itself shows how much of a problem we have.   This past week has seen a spike in coverage about women in geek culture.


I Need Some Stronger Clippers…

I don’t watch much TV. I really prefer the immersive experience of video games or books when it comes to unwinding at the end of the day. Sure, there are some shows I truly enjoy like Doctor Who, Top Gear (although I’m actually starting to prefer the US version, which I feel


The Politics of the Internet

Pure Geekery is usually a pretty light hearted place. But I’m about to get serious. “I might actually proof read this post” serious. At game night this past weekend I was ranting about how when I post on Facebook about various internet legislation, it gets almost no attention. Even from my “political”


This is Important: CISPA is Back

In general, I try to avoid politics on this site. But when one of the worst bits of internet legislation makes a return to the house floor, I need to do whatever I can to spread the word. CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a bill that will allow companies to


What Makes a Gamer?

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about what it means to be a gamer. I’ve started playing more games lately, and spending a considerable amount of time doing so. I use Fitocracy because I love the “leveling up” aspect. I use EpicWin as my to-do list for the same reason. I