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In defense of my Indiana home…

I grew up an hour north of Indianapolis. Bachelors from Ball State (ChirpChirp!) and masters from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). I cheer on every major and minor sports team from my home state. I love our museums and our parks and being a tourist in my own back yard. I’ve lived and


Movie Review: How To Be Single

It’s that time of year again- turn on the TV and you’re bombarded with a never ending onslaught of jewelry, chocolate and flower commercials, demanding that you impress your sweetheart with nothing less than the perfect night. A night which wouldn’t be complete without dinner and a movie. What would Valentine’s be


Renew. Restore. Reawaken.

We’re 8 days in to the new year. One week in to a new chapter of a completely blank book. As stereotypical and played out as this may sounds, I find myself turing inward this time of year. Maybe its because I buy in to the New Year bullshit or maybe it’s


Product Review: Jerry the Bear

From re-enacting their favourite characters to learning how to do a cartwheel (a skill I never mastered), kids figure out their world and their problems through play. Often using their their dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals, kids explore the positive aspects of their lives (relationships with friends, scientific principles, and the world outside),


Guest Post: A look back at Gen Con

Hello dear readers! I’ve been taking a bit of a sabbatical from blogging this summer, working on some other projects in my life and taking time to just be me. One of the things I’ve done is check out different cons around the area, enjoying the experience of something new. I don’t


Video: Get Your Geek On!

Claire talks about her entry in to the geek world. What’s yours?!


Pure Geekery on YouTube!

Welcome to the new video section of Pure Geekery! Report to the comments to let us know what YOU want to see. (And yes we know the lighting sucks. I have the set/lighting guys working furiously on the set.)


Buon Compleanno

I spent a lot of time agonizing over what I wanted to write in this post- was it long enough, interesting enough, was the SEO good enough? Then I realized- that’s what this year has taught me. To stop worrying about the rules so much. Stop trying to color inside the lines,


The times, they are a changin’…

Every time I post these days it seems to start with “wow it’s been a long time….” I have a lot to say, but am still working on how I want to communicate it with the world. (And by world I mean our 12 readers. Hi 12 readers. You’re fabulous and we


Great Power, Great Responsibility

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reinvention and rethinking how I approach life. It’s always amazed me how one seemingly insignificant decision can so completely change your course in life. Too often we ignore the fact that we have great power over our lives, letting the whims of society blow us