Renew. Restore. Reawaken.

We’re 8 days in to the new year. One week in to a new chapter of a completely blank book. As stereotypical and played outpglogo138x120 as this may sounds, I find myself turing inward this time of year. Maybe its because I buy in to the New Year bullshit or maybe it’s because I’m cold and my insides are warm like a Tauntaun. I don’t think why is what matters- what matters is how. What matters is what I ask myself. What do I want to know from my last year? What do I want to learn? My knee-jerk reaction is to say goodbye 2015 with enthusiasm. 2015 was not my easiest year. Good and bad decisions were made. There were ups and downs, things I want to remember and moments that I would sooner forget. I have a tendency to be a bit more negative than most. I prefer to call it realistic, but my mom would disagree. (Hi Mom!)

It’s here that I want to begin my new year. From a more positive place. Not looking at 2015 as a year I’d rather forget, but as one that launched me forward in to a 2016 I never want to forget. My 30th year. The year I finally embrace me. The year where I finally take a deep breath and reawaken the self that I have buried for so long.

Bring it on, 2016. I’m ready for you.

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