Great Power, Great Responsibility

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reinvention and rethinking how I approach life. It’s always amazed me how one seemingly insignificant decision can so completely change your course in life. Too often we ignore the fact thacroat we have great power over our lives, letting the whims of society blow us to and fro, focusing on what we “should” do. The irony of this is often our true gifts are overlooked and we lose sight of what we can contribute to the greater good. We all have talents and gifts and great potential to change the world.

For a long time I was too afraid to take chances- failure loomed like a Damocles sword over my head, keeping on me in check and following what I thought I was supposed to do. Tapping in to my inner Bad Wolf, I say no more. No more will I ignore what I want, my potential to change the world. No more. It’s time to tap in to my freedom and hope that by doing so, my example will guide the Geekling towards the same path. In all reality it’s her unbridled freedom and lack of fear of judgement that has helped me tap in to that inner childlike rebellion again. Sometimes that best teachers are the smallest ones. (Especially those who teach with their faces covered in stickers!)

So don’t be afraid of your inner power. Don’t be afraid to break those chains and be free. You’re in good company.

Just remember the wise words of Uncle Ben- “With Great power, comes great responsibility.”

Wield it wisely.

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