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Game Review: Futurama: Game Of Drones

Sometime last year it was announced that a Futurama mobile game was on the way.  Being a huge fan of Futurama, I was very excited about this. While I had never personally played The Simpsons: Tapped Out, I had seen it in action, and was very interested in playing a Futurama game


I Took The Rocksmith 60 Day Challenge

Note: There are two versions of Rocksmith. There is the original Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014. I play the newer Rocksmith 2014, but will just be referring to it as Rocksmith in this post because Ubisoft has said it’s a replacement not a sequel. Oh and while I’m making a note. I bought


Book Review: Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack by Andrew Schartmann

The music featured in video games is something I think most of us take for granted. Sure, as time goes on and soundtracks have gotten more epic we’ve started to pay attention. Afterall, Portal wouldn’t be Portal without Still Alive. But for the most part, we don’t recognize how important music is to a


An Experience With Playstation Live Chat

Note: There’s no place (that I could find anyway) to leave feedback support. So I’m using my own platform to leave support feedback. Also, I’ve only used the Live Chat option. Every time I’ve checked the phone call wait time, it’s at least thirty minutes. Aint nobody got time for that. Dear


Extra Life Gaming Marathon for Riley

Regular readers will know that I enjoy games. I play some tabletop games (although admittedly they don’t always catch my attention), and I spend hours every week playing video games. But what you may not know, is that I also really love sleep. Sleep is pretty much the best thing ever. I


Rant: Why Isn’t Backwards Compatibility a Thing?

A few weeks ago we had a brief power outage, and thought my XBox 360 was hosed. Luckily, it ened up only being the power supply that was fried (side note: always check the grounding on your outlets). But before I figured that out, I started looking at the Xbox One and


“It’s Mine and You Can’t Have It!” – Paralleles on Gender in Video Games and Roller Derby

There’s yet another post going around the internet about how men don’t belong in derby. I’d post it here, but it’s more of the same and more of what we’ll see again. And as I read through the arguments put forth, I realized I’d heard them all before, except they had been directed


Giveaway: Avenger Controller Mod

Something funny happens when you move. You realize how much stuff you have. And how much you don’t use a lot of that stuff. And that you really want to get rid of some of that stuff you don’t really use. As I was straightening out my media console the other day,


Microsoft: XBOX One’s Tale of Sexism

For a company that is worth over $300 billion and a high amount of LGBT staff members, it seems Microsoft was quite the ideal career place to have. Just consider all the power of the benefits at your fingertips. In response to numerous complaints which can only be presumed are in the


Let Me Use My Game Console as a Cable Box

I fear I’m losing my technology passion. I’m not excited about phones, upgrades are incremental at this point. I feel the same way about tablets. I couldn’t tell you what’s new with the iPad Air, other than it’s arier I suppose. And now I’m not excited about the new game consoles. Here’s where