Extra Life Gaming Marathon for Riley

Extra Life Ad_300x250Regular readers will know that I enjoy games. I play some tabletop games (although admittedly they don’t always catch my attention), and I spend hours every week playing video games. But what you may not know, is that I also really love sleep. Sleep is pretty much the best thing ever. I don’t wake up easily or early. And I don’t stay up particularly late either. (I’m typically in bed by 11 on weekdays, and midnight on the weekend.) I use any excuse to not get out of bed (reddit comes in handy here).

Despite that, I’ll be participating in a 24 hour gaming marathon with Extra Life on October 25th. The gaming will start at 9:00am EST, and go until 9:00AM the following day. I am planning on staying awake THE ENTIRE TIME. My husband thinks this is hilarious and has vowed to make sure I am awake. (He knows how much I like to sleep.)

About Extra Life

I first learned of Extra Life at this year’s Indy Pop Con. They had a silent auction for a few items, including a Sega Genesis which caught my eye (I totally won it by the way). So I went over to see what they were all about. Basically, Extra Life is a charity that allows gamers to give back to the community by raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Here in Indianapolis, that charity is Riley Hospital for Children. But there are hospitals all over the country that you can support through Extra Life.

Basically, you donate money as a way of saying “I want to see you do something you typically enjoy, to a crazy degree for charity.” You don’t donate per hour, it’s just a flat donation.

My Marathon Plan

So, these type of marathons are not fun unless you get to see how miserable I am. I’ll be vlogging the experience for you to watch. Every couple of hours I will have post about what I’ll be playing in the coming hours and how I’m feeling at that moment.

I’ll have a PS4 by marathon time, so I’ll live stream some of the gaming as well. Plus, I’ll be playing some co-op games so you can pop in if you want to hang out (game suggestions being taken).

If you’re local, I’m going to be hitting Game Paradise, for a few hours at least, to get some tabletop gaming in. I have my heart set on playing some Mall Madness and DreamPhone. (For the record, I’m counting drive time as part of my marathon time.)

It’s a rough plan for now, but I have until October to figure out the specifics. Plus, I joined the Indy Extra Life Guild and they haven’t solidified any of their plans yet.

How to Donate:

To donate to my Extra Life marathon, just head over to my profile and click the “Support Me” button. If you’re interested, you can join up yourself as well.  I have set myself a lofty goal of  $500. And with your help, I’m pretty sure I can make that happen.

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