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Fitness Trackers are Inaccurate. And it Doesn’t Matter.

“Fitness Trackers are Inaccurate” is¬†a headline you’ll see frequently in the coming months. It is New Year’s Resolution time, and people are resolving to “get in shape” or “lose weight.” (A better resolution is “be healthier,” without the focus on appearance. But that’s a different topic.) Fitness tracker manufacturers love to cash


What is Geek Culture?

This week, it seems everyone is excited about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There’s merchandise¬†everywhere ranging from t-shirts and toys to razors and shower heads. And for the first time, it’s really struck me. Geek culture is now just pop culture. This has been years in the making of course. The MCU


I’ve Been: Trail Running

I have never liked running. Not even a little bit. It hurts. It’s boring. The treadmill makes me feel like a hamster. And outside it is usually either too hot or too cold. But then for some reason I got the idea that I should go trail running. Basically, running on hiking


I am not a Xennial.

Once again the term “Xennial” is being tossed around. It’s supposed to be a term for those born between 1977 and 1985 (I was born in ’86. Close enough). Basically if you didn’t get the internet until high school or college, then you’re “Xennial.” I’m seeing my peers share articles like the


Product Review: Garmin Vivoactive

After I posted my review of my Timex IQ+ Move, a friend started asking me questions about smartwatches. As I discussed the pros and cons of various platforms with him, I found myself missing an actual smart watch. Or at least a watch with some smart capabilities. When I saw the Garmin


Product Review: Ritual Vitamins

I’ve been spending time focusing on my health lately, and part of that was reevaluating my daily multi-vitamin. I have been taking GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism for years now, even though I know they aren’t the best for me (they have caffeine, which I don’t love). As I was


Bullet Journal Update

About six months ago I jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon. I’m happy to say, I’m still using it daily. The flexibility of the method allows me to change how my planning and journal pages are used as time goes on. If I want to try something for a month, I can.


Bullet Journal Supplies

A few weeks ago I wrote about my quest for the perfect pen, and I was surprised how much people were interested in pens. In the Pure Geekery Facebook group people started sharing what pens they use and why. In light of that, I thought I’d share with you my complete list


2016: A Reminder to Live

2016 was a rough year as far as celebrity deaths go. We started in January with David Bowie’s death right after his latest album Blackstar. And most recently we lost Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds this week. Not only did 2016 seem like it took more of our stars, it also seemed


Why I Love the Library

The internet is full of people who get mad over the silliest of things. The most mind-boggling one I’ve seen recently is someone complaining about libraries of all things. A librarian friend posted the cartoon to the right, and he just went off. He started with the typical “who needs a library