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Rant: Games Aren’t Childish

Sorry readers, you’re getting a bit of a rant today. I very much do not like this meme. I’ve seen it (or something like it) pop up in my Pinterest feed a few times now. I find it sexist, old fashioned, and close minded. So I fixed it: OK, while that makes


Product Review: GUNNAR Glasses

First, a little background, I wear contacts and stare at a screen at least 9 hours a day at work. Usually about four or so hours in, I start rubbing my eyes. About seven hours in I have problems focusing on the screen. Not pleasant. Especially when it gets to be 12-14


Happy One Year Derbyversary to Me!

With all the extra hours at work, and the vacation immediately following, I got very fall behind on my write once a day goal. I also completely missed my first year derbyversary!  Derby becomes so much a part of your life, that we celebrate the moment we entered it. We use it