Product Review: GUNNAR Glasses


Not bad.

First, a little background, I wear contacts and stare at a screen at least 9 hours a day at work. Usually about four or so hours in, I start rubbing my eyes. About seven hours in I have problems focusing on the screen. Not pleasant. Especially when it gets to be 12-14 hour days.

I’d been thinking about getting a pair of GUNNAR glasses for a while, but hesitated. They’re expensive and I thought I’d look goofy. But when Woot! had them for half off, I decided to give them a try. I love them.

Let’s clear up the vanity first. I do not look too goofy in them. They aren’t going to win any fashion awards, but not bad. This model I bought is the “Wing” in mercury/red. They’re sized appropriately for a small face, and aren’t overly masculine.

On to the important part, these things actually work.  I didn’t realize it when I ordered them, but they have a slight magnification to them. I’d say they bump the font size up half a size or so (definitely less than zooming in in Visual Studio). By increasing the font size, everything seems to be just a little sharper.  It wasn’t something I knew I wanted (or even need) but it’s a nice feature.

The yellow tint is what I was really interested me about these glasses. As the day goes on I hate the brightness of my monitors. But I also don’t like turning it down, I feel it affects the contrast. And the yellow lens does cut that back without making me squint to see.

The only part I say didn’t work for me, was I didn’t feel like they made my eyes less dry. But, I have dry eyes anyway so maybe it’s just me.

Overall, they make my workday more pleasant. At the end of the day my eyes don’t feel tired. Plus, my eye makeup stays on all day now that I’m not rubbing my eyes all the time.

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