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Around Indy: Launch Fishers

I’m relatively new to Fishers, I just moved here in 2008. When choosing where to buy our home, it was merely a matter of convenience. It was right off the highway, and at the time I worked downtown and my husband worked in neighboring suburb Carmel. Plus, Fishers is cheaper than Carmel.


Google I/O: What Caught My Eye

Google I/O was yesterday, and I just couldn’t get excited about it. I’m not sure if my technolust is fading, or if we’ve reached the point where we’re just not making the strides we used to. I remember a few years ago I’d be glued to the live blog of any Apple or Google announcement. Tweeting


Engineering as a Creative Outlet

Take a moment to picture a software engineer. What is the image that comes to mind? A pasty guy sitting in the glow of a monitor, endlessly hacking away at his keyboard? Someone who is the lone wolf type, probably lacking in social skills? Strictly logical, and a little Spock like? A


Shit My Husband Says: Working Late

Me: I’m going in early tomorrow and will probably be working late. Him: Again? Me: My own fault this time. Wrote a section of code, by the time I got to the end I realized it would be a pain to maintain and rewrote it. Him: Your code isn’t functional or elegant. What would


5 on Friday: Getting Through the Long Days

It’s been a rough few weeks at work, and I’m not sure it’s going to get better anytime soon. I’m missing derby practice, which makes me feel awful; both physically and emotionally. I’m in QA, and being at the end of the chain means all the backups leading up to a release


Product Review: Evoluent Mouse

Disclaimer: My husband bought me the Evoluent Mouse for Christmas and I decided I’d write about my experiences. They didn’t pay me to write this or provide free product. I’m that coworker whose computer you hate to use. I was diagnosed with a mild case of carpal tunnel last year, and have


Product Review: GUNNAR Glasses

First, a little background, I wear contacts and stare at a screen at least 9 hours a day at work. Usually about four or so hours in, I start rubbing my eyes. About seven hours in I have problems focusing on the screen. Not pleasant. Especially when it gets to be 12-14