Are you an Indianapolis area business? An individual with an awesome project you want to fund? Have a product you want reviewed? Let us know and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for us! We don’t accept payment for reviews or posts, but we do accept products for review. In particular we’re interested in:

  • Media (Games, Movies, Books)
  • Media from diverse creators.
  • Home Goods
  • Educational Toys
  • Indianapolis Area Businesses
  • Gadgets

Why Would You Want to Be Featured on Pure Geekery?

Pure Geekery has an ever growing reach. Geeks from all over the country come to us for stories of geekery, real world product reviews, and stories of fun places to check out. Our main demographic is women between 25-34 in the midwest. Here’s how we reach them.

How to Get Featured

Send an email to with the subject line of “Feature Me!” and Nicole or Claire will get back to you. Let us know what your product/project is, a little background information, and how you would like to be featured on Pure Geekery (guest post, review, etc).