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A few weeks ago I wrote about my quest for the perfect pen, and I was surprised how much people were interested in pens. In the Pure Geekery Facebook group people started sharing what pens they use and why. In light of that, I thought I’d share with you my complete list of supplies I use for my Bullet Journal.

Notebook: Leuchtturm1917
I’m sure I’ll get more picky about my notebook at some point. But there are only so many notebooks that have a squared/grid layout, so when I found the Leuchtturm1917 worked for me I was happy. It has prenumbered pages, a dedicated index section, and two ribbons for page marking. It does exactly what I need.

Pencil: 0.5 Mechanical Pencil
I use a pencil to draw boundaries for my layouts, that I later go over with pen. The fine point makes it great for drawing up 3D Print and Woodworking projects as well.

Eraser: Pentel Hi-Polymer Block
I was going through the erasers on my pencils super quick, so I grabbed a pack of these at the grocery. As an added bonus, I found these took a lot less pressure so I don’t accidentally crinkle my paper as often.

Ruler/Protractor: Generic
Mine is from one of those basic “back to school” style kits. We had it already laying around, and it works for what I need. I really like that it’s clear.

Pen: Sharpie Stainless Pen
I really like the shape and weight of this pen. I have a whole post about it here.

Colored Pencils: Sargent Art
Basic colored pencils to shade in my time tracker. I had at first tried using pens for this, but they were too dark and just didn’t look nice. Since I already had these lying around for coloring, they made a great alternative.

Color Pens: Stabilo 88/Papermate Flair UF
I had the Stabilo pens lying around for coloring. I keep those at home and the Papermate at work in case I need them there. The colors don’t match up perfectly, but they are close enough for me.

With the exception of the notebook, Stabilo pens, and my stainless Sharpie pen, all these things can be purchased at a grocery or convenience store. And really, I can get the non-stainless version of the Sharpie pen there as well. With so much of the bullet journal trend focused on being artistic (which is great), it’s important to remember you can use this method inexpensively with stuff you already have at home.

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