Bullet Journal Archive


Bullet Journal: One Year Later

I started my first bullet journal in October of 2016, making 2017 my first complete year with one. Being able to evolve the system to meet my needs is the primary reason I’ve actually stuck with it. I started with the original format, moved on something more elaborate and time-consuming, and now


Felt Pen Showdown

When I started journaling, I tried a bunch of different pens and found felt pens to be my favorite. Specifically, Papermate Flair Ultra Fine pens. Never one to leave well enough alone though, I had to try more. Papermate Flair Ultra Fine The Papermate Flair Ultra Fine were my initial favorite, but


Bullet Journal Update

About six months ago I jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon. I’m happy to say, I’m still using it daily. The flexibility of the method allows me to change how my planning and journal pages are used as time goes on. If I want to try something for a month, I can.


Bullet Journal Supplies

A few weeks ago I wrote about my quest for the perfect pen, and I was surprised how much people were interested in pens. In the Pure Geekery Facebook group people started sharing what pens they use and why. In light of that, I thought I’d share with you my complete list


Try ALL The Pens!

Have I mentioned how hyper-focus can be weird? If not, hyper-focus can be weird. It can cause you to really focus on something that doesn’t really matter. Most recently, I hyper-focused on pens. Pens weren’t really something I gave a ton of thought to before this. I’ve always been a big fan


Why I Love the Bullet Journal

If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram, at some point you’ll come across bullet journals. These beautiful, elaborate, artsy journals that people have obviously spent a ton of time on. And while they were something I wished I could do, they never seemed like a thing for me. But the