Why I Love the Bullet Journal

Not even a little fancy.

Not even a little fancy.

If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram, at some point you’ll come across bullet journals. These beautiful, elaborate, artsy journals that people have obviously spent a ton of time on. And while they were something I wished I could do, they never seemed like a thing for me. But the name “bullet journal” caught my interest, and I was wondering why exactly these art books are called “bullet journals.”

Despite all the awesome designs people have done, bullet journaling very little to do with the artsy side of this trend.  It is simply a framework to organize all your thoughts and to-do items, using bullets as a key. And while there is some setup work to do, the technique itself doesn’t require a ton of planning. I don’t need to know what weeks I’m going to be busiest. Or how many pages of playlists I’m going to need to jot down. It goes from one page to the next, with an index to keep you straight.

Finally. Something that works the way my brain works. I bought a notebook and got started, and instantly loved it.  It allows me to track all my random thoughts, and then find them again! I’m not doing all the official pages. For example, I don’t need a daily log since things I need to do rarely have a date. And I’ve added some things like time and habit trackers. But after struggling for so long to find something that feels natural, I’m so happy I’ve given the bullet journal trend a try. I even have a notebook just for work stuff, and I was able to find the notes I had when I needed them!

If you don’t have a method that works for you, I seriously recommend giving the bullet journal a try. You don’t need anything fancy, just a basic notebook and pen. It’s a pretty low risk for something that just might work.

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