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Book Review: David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book

As the adult coloring book trend reaches critical mass, there are coloring books for nearly everything. The David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book is the first one I’ve seen also claim to be a retrospective. And honestly, it’s a little disappointing on both fronts. As a Coloring Book Most of the adult


Why I Love the Bullet Journal

If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram, at some point you’ll come across bullet journals. These beautiful, elaborate, artsy journals that people have obviously spent a ton of time on. And while they were something I wished I could do, they never seemed like a thing for me. But the


Art and ADHD

One of the frustrating things about ADHD is how much your symptoms can vary day-to-day. Your brain processes inputs differently than most people, and the way it handles changes in routine is different too (or at least I feel like it is). It can be hard to keep yourself balanced. The most


I’ve Been: 3D Printing All The Things

A 3D printer is one of those gadgets I’ve wanted for a while, but haven’t been able to justify. But the prices have kept going down, and I kept finding cool little widgets, and finally pulled the trigger when I saw Monoprice has a $350 version (affiliate link). And since then I’ve


Indie Game Alliance: Empowering Creators

My favorite part of Gen Con isn’t the games. It isn’t feeding off the energy of the crowd. It isn’t all the cool stuff available in the expo hall. It’s seeing the small independent game companies trying to make a name for themselves. It’s not that I don’t love big name games.


I’ve Been: Refinishing Furniture

I’ve not been blogging a lot lately. It’s not been a conscious decision, so much as I’ve just been finding other ways to occupy my time. So I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing instead. And really this happens enough that I’m going to go ahead and give this


No matter what, I will write.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been writing as much this month. I thought about waiting until December and then posting about how I was boycotting blogging because I think National Blog Post Month/National Novel Writing Month are ridiculously stupid. I refuse to justify either phrase’s stupid abbreviation by writing them down.


Why Edward Scissorhands and I Would Be Best Friends.

The leaves are starting to turn orange and the warmth in my chest I stored from the summer has begun to chill. For the remainder of this month I will discuss how 1990s Tim Burton helped shape my views of life/love/social interaction into the warped and shriveled gleam in my eye that


5 on Friday: DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only three short weeks away, and it’s time to get costuming! If your local Halloween store is like mine, costumes are expensive and poorly made. Not really something I want to spend my money on. Plus, you may show up at the party in the same costume as someone else!


Product Review: GoldieBlox

These days, walking through the toy aisle is treacherous. Everything is either hot pink and covered in glitter or has a superhero logo slapped on it. (For the record I like both glitter and superheros!) There aren’t any toys of substance anymore- rarely do you see a cool educational toy on the shelves