Why Edward Scissorhands and I Would Be Best Friends.

The leaves are starting to turn orange and the warmth in my chest I stored from the summer has begun to chill.


For the remainder of this month I will discuss how 1990s Tim Burton helped shape my views of life/love/social interaction into the warped and shriveled gleam in my eye that it is today.

This week’s exhibit? Edward Scissorhands.

I remember the first time I saw Edward Scissorhands. I was in the 5th grade. It was on HBO. I had no clue what this pale, black haired and damaged young man was all about- but I knew he was talented and immensely insecure. Just like me at 9 years old (and in adulthood). I felt kind of the odd girl out. I liked to draw things; I understood some music theory; I kept to myself on the playground. I was a weird kid.
This Johnny Depp person was new to the scene in Hollywood. There were no other leading men that looked like him or behaved like him on screen. A little like me. In a sea of curly blonde children on the playground- I was dark eyed, black haired and slightly tired looking. A little like Edward.

I had a lot in common with Edward. I didn’t have sharp things for appendages but I related.

I was often fawned over by teachers for abnormally acute artistic abilities. My first love was 2D art and I wanted to be a Disney animator.

Edward Scissorhands Salon

None of these people trapped me in a salon and got naked in front of me. That would have been weird.

I had issues with simple tasks.

Edward Scissorhands Shirt

This gif explains it all.

I was too trusting and got suckered into trouble because I didn’t know the difference between schoolhouse friends and schoolhouse villains.

Edward Scissorhands Destroy

That lasted until college. It took forever for me to learn to stab Jim and push him out the castle window.

I also witnessed the loss of a wise and magically strange elderly loved one. I had to adapt to a life with a little less magic early on.

Edward Scissorhands Heart

I made my own magic.

If it didn’t result in the loss of a limb, I would give give Edward a high five.

This post was written by Paige Scott, Nicole’s high school best friend, and originally appeared on her blog Hello, Internet. The fun has arrived. She also has an arts blog Working Class Socialite.

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