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5 Reasons Ms. Marvel is a Must Read Comic Series

Last week, John and I were at Comic Carnival perusing the aisles for new reading material. There it was, the cover of Ms. Marvel, catching my eye with her lightening bolt t-shirt and a colorful scarf tied around her neck. Normally I wouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but when it


30 Days Later: From iPhone 5 to Android

My interest in Apple products is innate. My dad teaches electronics and computer technology at Indiana State University, and so I literally grew up on campus, surrounded by dozens of computers and servers in his office. Each one was a Macintosh, and as I got older I watched the development of Apple


Why Edward Scissorhands and I Would Be Best Friends.

The leaves are starting to turn orange and the warmth in my chest I stored from the summer has begun to chill. For the remainder of this month I will discuss how 1990s Tim Burton helped shape my views of life/love/social interaction into the warped and shriveled gleam in my eye that


Gen Con Tournament – Ticket To Ride

I had only played Ticket to Ride a few times during family dinners. I liked the concept of the game, and the game play itself is quick easy once you get into it, but it does take some strategy, like all games. Should I place my track here? Will I make my


Flagon Slayer: Official Beer of Gen Con 2013

When I play Dominion, I prefer to have my cards in one hand and a beer in the other. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all gamers, but for me, there’s something about relaxing and enjoying a great game and a few pints with friends that just can’t be beat. I’m quite