Flagon Slayer: Official Beer of Gen Con 2013

Flagon SlayerWhen I play Dominion, I prefer to have my cards in one hand and a beer in the other. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all gamers, but for me, there’s something about relaxing and enjoying a great game and a few pints with friends that just can’t be beat.

I’m quite excited to try the official beer of Gen Con 2013 – Flagon Slayer. The name was chosen out of 1,600 submissions and over 1,300 votes, and while I can’t say that it really means a lot to me personally, it’s definitely different and in some ways embodies the spirit of GenCon.

Brewed as a braggot style beer, Flagon Slayer is an ode to old-world style beer. Braggots are known for being full of spice and flavor and I’m sure that Sun King Brewing’s creation will be very similar. Indiana honey sweetens the beer and the 18 IBU’s tell you that you won’t expect to be bitten by the hops. Hoppy beers are my favorite (think IPA’s and pale ale’s) but occasionally I do crave something sweeter and with different flavors.

Last year I attended the tapping party for the official beer at GenCon. It was at the JW Marriott and held the Wednesday before the four-day event. When I walked into the hotel I couldn’t believe my eyes – the line was creeping up to the entrance! I was assured that it would move fast, and it sort of did, but once we entered High Velocity’s bar it took quite a while to actually receive a pint. This just showed that a lot of people wanted to get their hands on the coveted GenCon beer!

This year’s beer will likely be easier to obtain because the tapping party will be outdoors on Georgia Street. If you attended GenCon last year you’ll certainly remember the line of food trucks positioned right outside the convention center. Imagine that, but with a biergarten!

From 6-11pm on Wednesday, August 14, anyone (21+) can enter the Sun King Brewing Gen Con Beer Garden and get a pint of Flagon Slayer for yourself. Indianapolis’ food trucks will also be ready to serve you their tasty treats while you listen to music from the band Five Year Mission. I love the addition of food trucks to the event because after a few pints of beer I definitely want a snack!

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