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Join Me At TechPoint’s League of Xtraordinary Programmers!

One of my favorite things about Gen Con is how much the entire city of Indianapolis gets into the spirit. Restaurants transform into geeky havens. There are game tables wherever you look. And local companies run events that might be of interest to Gen Con attendees. One event that I’m particularly looking forward to


Guest Post: A look back at Gen Con

Hello dear readers! I’ve been taking a bit of a sabbatical from blogging this summer, working on some other projects in my life and taking time to just be me. One of the things I’ve done is check out different cons around the area, enjoying the experience of something new. I don’t


Indie Game Alliance: Empowering Creators

My favorite part of Gen Con isn’t the games. It isn’t feeding off the energy of the crowd. It isn’t all the cool stuff available in the expo hall. It’s seeing the small independent game companies trying to make a name for themselves. It’s not that I don’t love big name games.


Press Release: San Antonio based Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches

Be a creepy crawly roach trying to take over the house! Balero Games announces The Game of Roaches a new imagination filled table top game where players get to be roach characters who are trying to take over the house. Designed by a middle school science teacher, Colleen Guzman, The Game of


Tabletop Game Review: App’d

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of App’d for review. At last year’s Gen Con, I was flipping through the program and saw a listing for a cyberpunk card game. Well, really I didn’t need to read more than that because I prefer card games and I love the cyberpunk genre. I


So Your Partner is Going to Gen Con

Gen Con starts on Thursday.  (Am I the only one who’s completely unprepared?) Which for most Pure Geekery readers means four days of gaming wonderfulness. But what about those of you who don’t game? Or those of you who have a gaming spouse and are going to be a bachelor/bachelorette for those


5 on Friday – Convention Gear

It’s after labor day which means summer, and con season, is winding down. This was my first true con season, and it was a blast. We started with the Louisville Arcade Expo (still my favorite of the year), went to InConJunction to checkout a locally ran con, Fandom Fest was disappointing but


5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Experience Gen Con Without Buying a Badge

Going to conventions is expensive (speaking of which have you checked out our Spreadshirt and Amazon shops?). There’s the badge to get in itself than can range from anywhere from extremely rare free (Who’s Yer Con) to the reasonable $25 or so (Cincinnati Comic Expo) to the pricey $80+ (Gen Con). Then you


How to Alienate Female Gamers

Before I begin, let me just say 95% of Gen Con was amazing. I didn’t catch anyone leering at me, I didn’t get “accidentally” ran into, and no one questioned my geek cred. Gamers were helpful, instead of sarcastic, when I mentioned I hadn’t played a game. But, and there’s alway a


Gen Con: Claire’s Christmas in August

So it’s no secret that I love conventions. The more comic cons and game conventions I go to, the more I love them. Minus the disorganization of Fandom Fest, Gen Con weekend was a fantastic 4 days. (It’s amazing what a few rope lines can do for con happiness!) I spent the