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Girl Talk: The Diva Cup

Alright boys, some of you might want to check out the archives today. Because today, we’re talking about periods. You’ve been warned. Period news has been coming across my social media feeds lately. Some of the stories are inspirational, like getting feminine hygiene products to women in countries where they can be


Book Review: Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World

One of my biggest problems about how we talk about women in STEM is that we act as if we aren’t already here. Or if we do acknowledge women are already in these fields, we act as if it’s a new thing. Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World aims to change


Buon Compleanno

I spent a lot of time agonizing over what I wanted to write in this post- was it long enough, interesting enough, was the SEO good enough? Then I realized- that’s what this year has taught me. To stop worrying about the rules so much. Stop trying to color inside the lines,


I’ve Been: Building Dog Beds

I have two very, very spoiled pups. They have multiple beds throughout the house, so they always have some place comfortable to sleep. (Even if they still do end up on the furniture most the time.) Up until this point, the beds have always been the generic kind you get at the


Great Power, Great Responsibility

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reinvention and rethinking how I approach life. It’s always amazed me how one seemingly insignificant decision can so completely change your course in life. Too often we ignore the fact that we have great power over our lives, letting the whims of society blow us


Dear Dream Builders…Listen to Dan Pallota

Dan Pallota is calling us out. Not on environmentalism, or food habits, or our country’s ridiculous obsession with the Kardashians (guilty!), but on our philanthropy. He wants us to start changing the way we think about changing the world. If you look on Facebook, charitable pages and posts are rife with complaints about


I’ve Been: Refinishing Furniture

I’ve not been blogging a lot lately. It’s not been a conscious decision, so much as I’ve just been finding other ways to occupy my time. So I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing instead. And really this happens enough that I’m going to go ahead and give this


Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I’ve reinvented myself so many times that I’ve lost count. At least 4 college majors, 2 major, career changes and countless hobbies later, I’ve finally started to be ok with reinvention as a part of life. For a long time, I hung on to the belief that I needed to find a


Wizard World Indianapolis 2015

This past weekend, Indianapolis’s first Wizard World Comic Con rolled in town. Geeks and geeky lovebirds alike celebrated Valentines weekend at the Indiana Convention Center with celebrity panels, meet and greets, and browsing the vendor booths. While the crowd was smaller than PopCon, the event space was much better suited for the


You are beautiful.

You. Yes, you. You are beautiful. You are beautiful without any strings attached. You aren’t beautiful despite your flaws. You aren’t beautiful compared to someone else. You are beautiful because you are you. And you being beautiful doesn’t take away from the beauty of anyone else. There’s a lot of talk of “body