Let Me Use My Game Console as a Cable Box

I fear I’m losing my technology passion. I’m not excited about phones, upgrades are incremental at this point. I feel the same way about tablets. I couldn’t tell you what’s new with the iPad Air, other than it’s arier I suppose. And now I’m not excited about the new game consoles. Here’s where the big difference is though, I can tell you exactly what would get me interested in game consoles. If I could use one as a DVR and/or cable box.

I love my Xbox. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Xbox I would have never picked up a Windows Phone. I liked it precisely because the tile layout reminded me of the Xbox. I’m not even that big of a gamer. Sure I’ll spend anywhere between 5-10 hours a week gaming, more if I get sucked into a game (Mass Effect, I’m looking at you). But I use my Xbox as a streaming device more than anything.

It’s not for lack of other options either. I have entirely too many streaming devices I could use. I have a Boxee Box, a Smart TV, Chromecast, and Roku. It should be easiest to use my Smart TV for things like Netflix, the remote even has a Netflix button. But I still find myself reaching for my controller. It’s just easier to scroll through titles with a controller. Not to mention I can use SmartGlass to search.

If I could use my Xbox as an all-in-one entertainment center I’d be sold. I realize they’re moving this way with the Xbox One. That Microsoft wants to be  the only box in your living room. And while you can plug the cable box into the Xbox One, you can’t DVR that way (or at least the articles I’ve read say you can’t). Two, I still have to pay to rent that cable box from the cable company. Lastly, I must have the cable box cluttering up my TV stand.

I have no doubt it’s the cable/satellite companies holding up this innovation. DirectTV, Dish, Comcast, Uverse, I want all of you to listen to me very closely. If you want me to switch to your service, let the technology grow. Because the instant one of you allows my console to do what it’s technically capable of, is the instant I start giving you my money.


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