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Rant: Why Isn’t Backwards Compatibility a Thing?

A few weeks ago we had a brief power outage, and thought my XBox 360 was hosed. Luckily, it ened up only being the power supply that was fried (side note: always check the grounding on your outlets). But before I figured that out, I started looking at the Xbox One and


Microsoft: XBOX One’s Tale of Sexism

For a company that is worth over $300 billion and a high amount of LGBT staff members, it seems Microsoft was quite the ideal career place to have. Just consider all the power of the benefits at your fingertips. In response to numerous complaints which can only be presumed are in the


Let Me Use My Game Console as a Cable Box

I fear I’m losing my technology passion. I’m not excited about phones, upgrades are incremental at this point. I feel the same way about tablets. I couldn’t tell you what’s new with the iPad Air, other than it’s arier I suppose. And now I’m not excited about the new game consoles. Here’s where


14 Days Later: Did I Keep My Windows Phone?

It’s been two weeks since I picked up my Windows phone. It was a risky choice, one I only felt comfortable with because I have an iPad if need/want an app that Windows Phone doesn’t have and Verizon’s 14 day return policy.   Corrections and Clarifications I corrected a few things in


5 on Friday: Streaming Music Services

When I got my Windows Phone, I had problems connecting to Spotify. It ended up being a problem with logging in via Facebook with dual authentication. Basically, I’m a fringe case. While I was working out my issue with Spotify (who has awesome and helpful support) I used the opportunity to check


Giving Windows Phone a Chance

Oh I can never leave well enough alone can I? I mean really, the iPhone is fine. It does phone things. But I’m just not a huge fan of iOS7 (more on that later this week). I don’t want Android. I tried that. Recently. And I’m sorry, there’s still not an Android


Gamer Gear for Women: Stop Painting it Pink

Throughout the summer I’ve been carrying around my women’s specific CamelBak day pack. I’ve had it with me at cons to keep everything I needed within easy grasp, and I’ve used it as a carry on for trips. I picked it up on Woot a while back for $20, and it was


An Open letter to Microsoft: Windows Phone

Dear Microsoft, I want to like Windows Phone. I really, really do. Live tiles seem like they’d be exactly what I want out of a notification system. The overall design reminds me of my XBox, which is always a great way to get me interested. Not to mention the killer app for


Citadel DLC: You are Perfect

Non Spoiler Rant I have to rant a bit before I begin. I HATE the idea of DLC. I understand it for multiplayer. There are servers to maintain after all. But if it’s part of the campaign I feel it the content included in the price of the game. Maybe locked, so you


Gaming with RSI

Growing up on computers has given me many things. An unyielding desire for information. A need to know how things work. A love for figuring how else I can make it work once it does. A career. A passion. It’s also given me horrible eyesight. And carpal tunnel at 26. I’m in