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A Girl in Geek Culture…

Hi my name is Nicole. I’m 26. I’m female. And I play video games. And because of all that, I was nervous to write this post. This in itself shows how much of a problem we have.   This past week has seen a spike in coverage about women in geek culture.


Gamers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Over the past several months I’ve found myself being pulled more into gaming. I had about a ten-year hiatus from video games. School, work, and derby had monopolized my time. But now that I’ve learned to manage my time better, I’m finding myself with time to enjoy this hobby again. Claire also


Pure Geekery Road Trip: Louisville Arcade Expo

Claire and I hit the road this past weekend to attend the Louisville Arcade Expo this past weekend. Not only was it our first convention as Pure Geekery, but it was my first convention period. Prior to this, I’ve only wandered around the halls outside of GenCon. Not actually going in. I


What We’re Up To: March

You’ve been reading about our interests for a few months now. But so much of what we’re into never makes it to the site. We’re going to start posting a brief overview of what we’re doing at the beginning of every month. Let us know what you have going on this month


Can We Talk About the Mass Effect Ending?

The end of Mass Effect caused a fandom revolt. To the degree that Bioware offered an Extended Cut DLC to offer fans some closure. This wasn’t enough for some fans, but personally, I loved the ending. Argh, here there be spoilers.


5 on Friday: 5 Games That Stick With You

There are some games that just stick with you. Like a good book they encompass you in their world, make you care about the characters, and they make you think. These games are games that stick with you, long after you’ve stopped playing. There have been several games like this for me


What Makes a Gamer?

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about what it means to be a gamer. I’ve started playing more games lately, and spending a considerable amount of time doing so. I use Fitocracy because I love the “leveling up” aspect. I use EpicWin as my to-do list for the same reason. I


Rant: The Decline of Split Screen Games

I’ve been gaming a lot more recently. It’s a mixed bag of good and bad. I’m not passively watching TV, I’m actively problem solving which is good. But I’ve also not been making things, which is bad. The Mass Effect Trilogy may be the reason I’m updating less here too (and by


Shit My Husband Says: Golden Axe

I recently bought the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection to have some fun multiplayer games to play with my husband. This was our discussion while playing Streets of Rage. Me: We should play Golden Axe, it’s way better (switches game over). Him: This is just Streets of Rage with Dwarfs…..IS THAT A DRAGON!


5 on Friday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geek Girls

Flowers and chocolate, while appreciated, lack a bit of thought. It’s something you can swing by the drugstore on the way home and pick up. If you really want to make an impression on the geek girl in your life, try some of these options. Most of these come from various Etsy