What We’re Up To: March

You’ve been reading about our interests for a few months now. But so much of what we’re into never makes it to the site. We’re going to start posting a brief overview of what we’re doing at the beginning of every month. Let us know what you have going on this month in the comments.

What We’re Reading:
Nicole – I’m reading Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow. I started reading this a few months back to take a Harry Potter break. But I just wanted to get back in the Potterverse so bad that I only read a few chapters. I’d like to finish this so I can get started on some of the books Claire recommended.
Claire- TEXTBOOKS! It’s midterms, so my life has been sucked away by school. For a mental break, I have returned to some old favourites: The Hunger Games, Jitterbug Perfume, and LOTR.

What We’re Playing:
Nicole – I’m starting my second playthrough of Mass Effect. I want to get “my cannon” Shephard’s story exactly how I want it for all the DLC that seems to keep coming out. Plus, the first time I played I was so into the romance part that I skipped a lot of the side missions to get to the next part in the romance story. I also skipped some because I thought that when one of the missions was called “a race against time” that I was running out of time. So I’m playing the story still as Engineer Paragon FemShep. But this time with the Spacer background, and trying for pure paragon. I’m also playing Your Shape 2012 in a competition for most hours logged with Tony from Geeking in Indiana. I’d also like to get some time in with Deus Ex. I had to restart my last play through because derby took over my life for a while and I forgot the entire story by time I returned to it. In the tabletop realm I really should finally figure out how to play Power Grid.
Claire – Once again, midterms have seriously cut in to my free time. Over spring break, I want to spend sometime playing Mass Effect and Portal, as well as get back to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic with the fiancee. He and I also have aboard game obsession and recently acquired the fan edition of the Big Bang Theory Trivia game.

What We’re Watching:
Nicole – I’m going to try to catch a few movies this month. I haven’t seen the new Tron yet, and I’d also really like to see Wreck It Ralph. I also just noticed that Sleepwalk With Me is on Netflix. I saw it when they did a showing locally, and loved it. I want to watch it again, with my husband since he was unable to make it to the showing.
Claire – Everything nominated for an Oscar that I have not yet seen- Argo, Wreck It Ralph, Life of Pi, and some of the foreign language films. Nicole and I also need to continue our Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie streak with Looper.

What We’re Working On:
Nicole – I have this awesome Ohm Sweet Ohm cross stitch project I’d like to make some progress on. I’m also working on improving my programming skills by going through some how-to books on my own. I’m working on getting better at C# because I’m starting to use it more at work.
Claire – The beginning of the month will consist of studying government finance and completing a risk assessment for the Indiana Dunes. I’m hoping to have time to increase my fluency in Italian over break- I have been neglecting it and could only catch about half of what the Pope said yesterday. I have also been researching the national Farm to School Program, as I am interested in helping expand the program in Indiana.

Where We’re Going:
We’re hitting the road and heading down to the Louisville Arcade Expo. We’re hoping to meetup with some of the guys over at Horrible Night for some fun gaming and a trip down memory lane. We’ll of course have a post up for you after we get back.

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