Gamers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Over the past several months I’ve found myself being pulled more into gaming. I had about a ten-year hiatus from video games. School, work, and derby had monopolized my time. But now that I’ve learned to manage my time better, I’m

I keep my dice in a video game themed bag, so what do I know?

I keep my dice in a video game themed bag, so what do I know?

finding myself with time to enjoy this hobby again. Claire also introduced me to the world of tabletop gaming by inviting me to her weekly casual Dungeons and Dragons game.

As I enter into the world of gaming, I’ve questioned if I can be considered a gamer. In an unrelated post, Horrible Night posted a blog about how we shouldn’t be trying to set up an arbitrary set of criteria for “true gamers.” When I shared this on our Facebook page, there was a discussion about if video gamers at all should be considered “true gamers.”

I found the discussion fascinating, but it also a little sad. Games, video or tabletop, are still unfortunately considered a “children’s activity.” We are both stereotyped as male, lonely, lacking a life, and immature. And quite frankly, this kind of arguing just plays into the latter. We should be looking to each other as allies, not as enemies. We need to show others that you can play these games, have a good time, and not fall into that stereotype. We need to stop this “I’m not going to let you in my club” attitude.

Not only that, but these games compliment each other. I would have never gotten into tabletop RPGs if I hadn’t played video game RPGs. Likewise, I’m sure there are tabletop gamers out there who decided to pickup WoW or Skyrim because they wanted to play outside of their weekly game.

Does the medium really matter? At the end of the day, aren’t we all just looking to lose ourselves in a fantasy world for a little while?

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