5 on Friday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geek Girls

Flowers and chocolate, while appreciated, lack a bit of thought. It’s something you can swing by the drugstore on the way home and pick up. If you really want to make an impression on the geek girl in your life, try some of these options. Most of these come from various Etsy shops, so you can support the little guy

1) I Know print ($30, Etsy) – If your heart didn’t melt when Leia told Han “I love you” and he replied “I know,” then I’m pretty sure your heart is a block of pure carbonite.  The romantic sentiment, the pink and purple, every thing about this print just screams Valentine’s Day. For bonus points, get it framed. You can pick up a cheap frame at craft stores for under $10.

2) Companion Cube Cookie Jar ($30, ThinkGeek) – Nothing says non-judgmental love more than a companion cube. Your cube is always there when you need it. Someone to talk to about your long days of testing. The companion cube is always there to listen, and never complains. Just make sure the cookies aren’t a lie, and fill it up with her favorite.

3) Pixel Heart Earrings ($45, Etsy) – I have a pair very similar to these, and wear them everywhere and with everything. They’re fun enough to wear with t-shirts, but the silver makes them nice enough looking for a dressier occasion. I wear them to work, to practice, and even to my cousin’s wedding. Plus since they’re sterling, they won’t make sensitive ears all irritated.

4) Pretty Dice and Bag – Sorry there’s no link here, but I’m sure most of you already know where to find dice. Get her a pretty set. Glitter, iridescent, or pearlized are all great options. See if you can find her favorite color. Dice have the benefit of being one of those things you really can’t have too many of. As long as she likes tabletop games, it’s a pretty safe bet. Wrap it all up in a cute bag from Etsy.

5) Stamped Bracelets ($18, Etsy) –  There are as many of these stamped bracelets as there are fandoms. Find the one for hers. This shop even does custom (although you may be cutting it close), so if her fandom isn’t represented, you can create one for her.

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