Can We Talk About the Mass Effect Ending?

mass-effect-3The end of Mass Effect caused a fandom revolt. To the degree that Bioware offered an Extended Cut DLC to offer fans some closure. This wasn’t enough for some fans, but personally, I loved the ending.

Argh, here there be spoilers.

Remember when I said when you play old games, you have no one to talk to about it because they’ve all moved on? Well, I’m going to talk about the Mass Effect ending anyway. This game is one of the ones that will stick with me for a while. It’ll be the reason ten years from now that my husband is annoyed because I won’t throw away my Xbox 360.

A quick overview of my game: I was an Earthborn Paragon Engineer FemShep . I choose mostly all the Paragon options (as is my way in RPGs, other than my D&D character), unless someone made some sort of sexist comment. At which point I went Renegade on their ass. I somehow saved my entire crew in ME2, and blew up the collector base. I romanced Kaidan and stayed loyal to him. I got my “readiness rating” up to 80% before taking on the Illusive Man.

I feel like the ending isn’t just the final cut scene (or second to final really). It’s everything that happens after you go to Earth. I’ve got to say, every bit of that last hour or so of game play ripped my heart out. But most of all, it was the final conversations with my crew, and all of those I had met along the way. Doing a mind meld with Liara one last time, as she rested her head on my shoulder for comfort. Watching Wrex pump up the Krogan. Talking to Garrus about “old times.” The heartbreaking goodbye scene with Kaidan, the only one with who my character had the option of admitting being scared.

You go through another battle, against Harbinger this time, and depending on how you choose your crew (I chose Garrus and Kaidan,  a soldier and biotic balance out my tech skills well) you’ll get another painful scene. They get hit by debris thrown by Harbinger’s beam, and you have to send them away. Kaidan begs to go with you (cue the waterworks). Shepard is alone. Fast forward to actually picking the ending.

You have three options given to you, and the fourth (I found after looking up the other endings online) is to kill the kid. I was glad to find out this was an option, because it fit in with Legion’s statement that organics are a variable the synthetics cannot predict. I however, chose the Synthesis ending. Why not just destroy the Reapers? Because as the series progressed, I felt the mission was to unite the galaxy. Not to destroy a race. I united the Krogans and Salarains. I united the Geth and the Quarians. I’ll be damned if I’m going to end my story on destruction or control. I know there’s several fans still upset about these options, and they way things had to end. But for me, the synthesis ending brought a lot of closure. When Shepherd dives into the beam, she finally appears to be at peace. The quarians are able to live without their masks. EDI and Joker can finally be together. The knowledge of the ancients is bestowed upon us all. I brought about the singularity, and it is fantastic.


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