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Comic Books – A Journey Begins

Confession: Comic books have never been something that I’ve really gotten into. I had a few Supergirl, Spider-Girl, and Wonder Woman comics in high school, but that was about it. They were fun, but they really didn’t do anything for me. Recently, though, I’ve had the desire to try again. I’ve become


Citadel DLC: You are Perfect

Non Spoiler Rant I have to rant a bit before I begin. I HATE the idea of DLC. I understand it for multiplayer. There are servers to maintain after all. But if it’s part of the campaign I feel it the content included in the price of the game. Maybe locked, so you


What We’re Up To: April

Happy April! This is what we’re up to this month: What We’re Reading: Nicole – I’m still reading Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow. I usually read on my lunch break, and didn’t really get many of those in March. I read a good amount of it this past weekend while my husband


Shit My Husband Says: Action Figures

“You can buy some Mass Effect dolls if you want. As long as they’re not 6ft tall and my replacement.”


What We’re Up To: March

You’ve been reading about our interests for a few months now. But so much of what we’re into never makes it to the site. We’re going to start posting a brief overview of what we’re doing at the beginning of every month. Let us know what you have going on this month


Can We Talk About the Mass Effect Ending?

The end of Mass Effect caused a fandom revolt. To the degree that Bioware offered an Extended Cut DLC to offer fans some closure. This wasn’t enough for some fans, but personally, I loved the ending. Argh, here there be spoilers.


5 on Friday: 5 Games That Stick With You

There are some games that just stick with you. Like a good book they encompass you in their world, make you care about the characters, and they make you think. These games are games that stick with you, long after you’ve stopped playing. There have been several games like this for me