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Google Now

My Google Now.

I’ve gone through a few smartphones this year, bouncing back and forth between iOS and Android. I landed on iOS as my  mobile platform of choice because it has tons of games,a good camera, and good battery life. One thing I missed about Android though was the Google Now app.

Google Now is a digital assistant of sorts. It has several “cards” which are snippets of information you need. How does it decide what you need? By analyzing all of the data we pump into Google in any given day of course. Search for certain sports teams? Google Now will show you scores from the games. Is it close to 5:00pm? Google Now will show traffic home. Get flight information to your google account? You’ll have a card for your flight. When I opened up my Google Now it gave me an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 story from Mashable. Which is of course very relevant to my interests. Creepy? Yes. Useful? Also yes.

This is Google’s latest push at giving you a full Google experience on iOS. Personally, I use Google everything on my iPhone and iPad. My browser is Chrome. My email is the GMail app. I write my posts in Drive. Use the Google+ network (when I remember). If only they’d finally release a Google Talk app for iOS I’d be set.

You can get Google Now on you iDevice by downloading the Google Search app from the App Store.

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