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The Problem With Google Bookmark Manager

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote a post about organizing your bookmarks. Google released Google Bookmark Manager last week. Of course they did. Once I find a system I like there’s a new one out. It seemed like a really interesting approach. It is a Google Chrome plugin, which usually


5 on Friday: Streaming Music Services

When I got my Windows Phone, I had problems connecting to Spotify. It ended up being a problem with logging in via Facebook with dual authentication. Basically, I’m a fringe case. While I was working out my issue with Spotify (who has awesome and helpful support) I used the opportunity to check


Product Review: Google Chromecast

Update: Since this post was written, several apps have been added to Chromecast, making it more appealing. Mine also stopped working completely about a year after this was written. It’s women’s roller derby divisionals, that magical time of year when every weekend for a month my computer is hooked up to the TV 24/7.


Digg Reader: Simple and Social

Digg is back with it’s Google Reader replacement, Digg Reader. Saying Digg is back seems weird though. It seems Digg has always been around. When I was in college I’d waste time on Digg much like I imagine students must waste time on reddit now. In fact, the sites work much in


Google I/O: What Caught My Eye

Google I/O was yesterday, and I just couldn’t get excited about it. I’m not sure if my technolust is fading, or if we’ve reached the point where we’re just not making the strides we used to. I remember a few years ago I’d be glued to the live blog of any Apple or Google announcement. Tweeting


Google Now is Available on iOS

I’ve gone through a few smartphones this year, bouncing back and forth between iOS and Android. I landed on iOS as my  mobile platform of choice because it has tons of games,a good camera, and good battery life. One thing I missed about Android though was the Google Now app. Google Now is a


Google Reader Alternatives: NewsBlur

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post about Google Reader being retired, and what the various options were for someone who was looking for something new. I mentioned at the time that I couldn’t write about NewsBlur because they were slammed so hard that the site was unusable. They’ve either beefed up their servers, or


5 on Friday: 5 Alternatives to Google Reader

Update: NewsBlur is running well now, and I was able to check it out. The inevitable has happened. Google Reader is going away. The service will be permanently taken down on July 1, 2013. I’ve been using Google Reader for almost as long as I’ve had a Google account, so it was a bit


And Back Again…

I was so happy when my husband decided he wanted a Galaxy SIII and I could take his Galaxy Nexus. I was able to overlook the bad battery life.  I picked up a MyCharge, threw it in my purse, and considered it done. I was able to overlook the fact that I’d


5 on Friday: Five Reasons I’m Glad to be Back on Android (And Five Things I Miss About iPhone)

Santa came early this year and delivered my husbands Galaxy S3 on Christmas Eve, giving me the luxury of switching from my busted iPhone to his old Galaxy Nexus before the post-Christmas rush. I’ve only had it a few days, but here are my initial thoughts on why I’m glad to be