Shameless Plug: Hipsternima

It’s the Husband’s 30th birthday! An entire day of celebrations and reminding him that it’s all downhill from here. It’s all out of love, I swear. 😀

Birthday Legos!

Birthday Legos!

In addition to beer, burgers (Note: I got a bacon cheese burger, he got a wrap. The waitress tried to give me his meal. Teehee.), and Legos, I’m shamelessly plugging his blog today. Head over to Hipsternima and check out all the movies, games, and television you’ve obviously never heard of. It’s dripping with hipster snark and reviews and previews of cool shit.

And, thanks to Wizards of the Coast, he got his hands on a copy of the D&D 5th edition players handbook, the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, and an advance copy of the Monster Manual. So check back soon for a review on his site.

You’re never too old for fun…or D&D…or Legos. 🙂


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