Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet: Videos, Books, and Pandas!

It’s the time again! Please mindlessly enjoy this awesomeness I’ve rounded up during hours of procrastination.


5. It’s banned books week! And half of my top 10 favourite books are on this list of 12 Weird reasons for banning sci-fi books. (Though I think the author should re-educate themselves on the definition of “sci-fi”)

4. Kate Mara and Ellen Page are Tiny Detectives! (A True Detective Parody)

3. Cute pictures of Giant Pandas and where to visit them! The cuties at the San Diego Zoo are close to my heart 🙂

2. I really really wish this animated intro for a Buffy cartoon was real. Saturday morning cartoons these days are crap.

1. Envoy, a short film by David Weinstein, is pretty amazing. He hopes to use it a proof of concept for a full length feature. It’s pretty amazing.


Enjoy the Buffy video? Check out this Doctor Who animated intro by the same artist!

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