Level 0: A Journey Begins

Happy National Hangover Day everyone! With the New Year comes a new series on my blog. This one will focus on fitness and nutrition. I know this sounds awful. But let’s face it; a healthy mind requires a healthy body. I’ll focus on fitness and nutrition for us busy geeks who are short on time and energy.

Over the past several years I’ve gotten, for lack of a better term, a bit soft. I may skate 2-3 days a week, but then I go home and eat ALL the things. Not to mention the toll after parties can take. Luckily, the weight I gained last season was all muscle. But I also didn’t lose any fat. And one of my goals with derby was to lose some excess body fat.

So my goal is to be down to 25% body fat by the start of the season in April. I’d also like to lose about 20 pounds, but body fat is the main goal. I will post weekly goals, and highlight the tools I’m using to get there. I’ll also give you an update on my progress on my goals.

My first goal is to get to a reasonable caloric intake. I’m going to aim for 1500 calories a day. They say you can’t out run (and apparently you can’t out skate) your fork. Also with this first week being a week of no practice it’s a perfect time to deal with the lethargy that goes along with cutting calories.

I’ve signed up for Calorie Count and my username is PureGeekery if you’d like to join me. I’ll have a review of this service up at some time as well. I’m interested to know if there’s any apps you prefer to log your calories?

Week 0
Weight: 152.6
Body Fat: 31.1%
Cal a Day: An awful lot

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