Leveling Up: Game Over

You may have noticed I haven’t written a Leveling Up post in nearly a month. The reason is, simply, I haven’t been gaining any XP. I’ve been losing weight, but by just having a lack of appetite not from eating well. In fact, I’m eating junk just not enough of it to gain weight. I’ve not been working out either. It’s a matter of prioritization. I have so many other things I’d like to do instead, that I just don’t work out. And after about a month of this, I feel like there’s a big “Game Over” on my screen.

Continue? 3…2…1…

Luckily, we all have infinite continues on the Leveling Up game. I’m going to track my food intake again starting on Monday, March 4th. That shouldn’t be too hard for me; it’s just getting in the habit and being more aware.

The fitness part, that’s the tricky part. It takes time and motivation. Both of which I currently would rather apply to different things right now. Which is why I’m getting creative. Over on his personal blog, Tony from Geeking in Indiana posted about needing to spend more time with his Kinect and the game Your Shape 2012. I happen to have this game as well. So I threw down the gauntlet.  Tony and I are going to see who can log the most hours in the month of March on this game. We’re going to track our time using Raptr, and if any of you are interested please send me a friend request there with a message saying you want to participate in our challenge. Winner gets bragging rights, unless anyone has a better idea for a prize.

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