Level 1 (Replay): Let’s Try This Workout Thing Again

I may have overset my goals last week. My plan was to return to practice three days a week, and do some off skates training three days a week. Well, I made it to practice three days, but I only did off skates training once. Ouch. I had not realized how much being a sloth for a month had impacted me. My endurance is non existent anymore, and my strength is sorely lacking. Practice made me exhausted (in a good way), but I needed the extra days of rest.

I am feeling much better now, and am ready to replay this level. But I’m also going to change the difficulty setting back a notch. I am going to aim for three thirty minute workouts this week outside of practice. I had been aiming for an hour previously (which the one day I did workout, I only did forty minutes). Most of these workouts will be on my Kinect, because increasing my GamerScore is a great motivator. I’m playing Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. I had it set to the “athlete” level, and I greatly underestimated the workouts. Dialing it back, and starting from “couch potato.”

Reporting to you guys is definitely keeping me motivated. I even unlocked the “self control” achievement when I went to the Cheesecake Factory and had salmon, broccoli, and strawberries. That’s right, no cheesecake. So if you’re on your own quest to level up, I highly recommend you make yourself accountable to someone.

Week 2
Weight: 149
Body Fat: 30.2%
Cal a Day: 1,383

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