QuantumFit: Building Functional Fitness

quantumfit_logoI am, admittedly, a skeptic of CrossFit style workouts. I know they’re the latest workout trend, and derby girls love it, but I just haven’t gotten on board. I’ve seen the CrossFitters on the Monon (a rail trail here in Indy), getting yelled at and stopping to do pushups and it just doesn’t look like fun. (Not that I expect working out to be fun, just not so explicitly unenjoyable.) Lately though, several of my friends have joined QuantumFit, a local functional fitness gym. (Functional fitness is very similar to CrossFit, but without the branding.) They told me the owner takes a geeky approach towards the fitness process. That the owner, Frank Dennis, was a huge geek himself and even working on a trading card game (more on that in a future post). I was intrigued. So I headed down to the QuantumFit gym to see what it’s all about.

About QuantumFit

Owner Frank Dennis uses several terms to describe his gym.

I use the phrases “biomechanically sound movement,” “high personal intensity,” and “functional fitness” to describe the training. I’ve described the gym as an “open source fitness lab” before, too. Often when people ask what we do, I’ll say “we build a high level of fitness in as many parameters of athletic movement as we can, using movements the body is naturally built to execute.”

Right, so I see where the geekiness my friends were talking about comes in. I also saw it on their website. It’s packed full of information. Information about nutrition, fitness, and contest winners.  There is way more information here than there is on most other gym websites combined. Which is awesome because it shows that the coaches at QuantumFit are passionate about what they are doing, and a bit overwhelming.

With that much passion around fitness, I was expecting to feel completely out of place entering QuantumFit. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first thing that struck me was how average everyone was. It wasn’t a group of meatheads training for the next CrossFit games. It was a group of people just looking for a way to motivate themselves into getting in shape. Plus, the wall decor didn’t hurt.

How can you feel out of place with stuff like this on the walls?

How could I feel out of place with stuff like this on the walls?

The Workout

The workout at the QuantumFit session I attended was structured based on time, which is one of the ways QunatumFit measures progress. You either do certain activities for a set length of time and see how many you can do, or do an activity until you hit a certain number and see how long it takes you. This was the second thing that surprised me that morning. When I had heard that QuantumFit focused on measurable results, I had a fear of being weighed in front of a group. Or having my waist,thighs, whatever measured and tracked. But the focus at QuantumFit is fitness, not weight.

For this particular timed workout, there were five stations that you did for a minute each, and then you moved onto the next station. Then a minute break. Repeat three times. Before the workout, Frank gave a demonstration of proper form for each one. Throughout the workout Frank monitored and corrected the form of the gym members at the workout. There was no yelling to go faster or harder, because fast isn’t the focus.

Other Classes

Aside from the functional fitness classes, QuantumFit also offers martial arts and yoga. I like how the yoga class is offered immediately following the fitness class. Stretching is something many gym-goers (myself included, when I regularly went to a gym) neglect. It was nice to see that it was easy to go from one on another. The class was a beginner level ashtanga class.

Want to Attend Quantum Fit?

QuantumFit broke my expectations of what a CrossFit-like class would entail. It is a gym where you get personalized focus on form, and people are supportive rather than trying to one up you. If you’ve been thinking of trying this sort of workout routine, give QuantumFit a try. They’re located at: 1761 N. Sherman Dr. Suite L Indianapolis, IN 46218.

QuantumFit is giving away a six-session membership to two Pure Geekery readers! Enter to win below.

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