#GeekLife: Cosplay on a Budget

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My budget Katniss costume form GenCon 2013- Created entirely out of the contents of my closet. đŸ™‚

Lets face it- cosplay is expensive. Once you start pricing out the time and money spent getting every fabulous detail 100% perfect, it becomes painfully clear that it’s nearly impossible for the everyday geek to make the perfect costume. (Especially a geek with wedding and school tuition bills to pay!)Sure there’s awesome professional cosplayers out there, as featured on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay. I give them mad respect. Even if you’re not crafty or talented with Worbla, there’s always the option to purchase and awesome costume. Etsy has some great options! However, they’re seriously cost prohibitive and I’d rather spend the money on shoes. So, with Con season upon us, what’s the every-day geek to do?

For the 2014 Con season, I’ve settled on a great solution- why not go with what’s already in my overstuffed closet? In order to challenge my budget-friendly creative prowess, I am designing a set of costumes inspired by my favourite TV, movie, and gaming characters from my own wardrobe. If I don’t have the piece I need, I have to buy it at a discount AND I have to be able to wear it in real life. This goes for every accessory, clothing item, and pair of shoes I’ll be rocking at PopCon, SDCC, and GenCon this summer.

Here’s where you come in dear readers. If you have any suggestions on characters I should try, or cheap cosplay solutions, hit me up here or on Twitter @purelyclaire and @Pure_Geekery . And don’t be shy! Share your own costumes with us! We love to see other fans living the #GeekLife and rocking their costumes!

P.S. If you’re hitting up IndyPopCon, make sure to come by our table and say hi! We’ll have stickers!

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