Gift Guide: Geek Chic Gifts

Geek chic is all over the place anymore. Geeky T-shirts, jewelry, glasses, etc are all considered fashionable anymore. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right gift for the fashionable geek in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1) SeV Cardigan or Pullover – The old Scott E. Vest, the symbol of a serious geek. You needed those pockets for cameras, MP3 players, flash drives, phones, and whatever else you may have needed. But as technology has evolved so as the SeV line. Now they have products like the Lucy Cardigan and the fleece pullover. They’re sleeker than you imagine when you think of Scott E. Vest, but so are all the things we need to carry.


2) Vintage Inspired Gaming Shirts – I’m one of those people who loves vintage-y things but doesn’t really have the patience to dig through racks to find the perfect thing. Enter the Jinx Atari collection. Classic games and logos on quality t-shirts. Actually, these would look really put together with the cardigan from above.


3) Subtle Geeky Jewelry – Gaming shirts are awesome and all, but they’re really not something you can wear to the office. For a more subtle approach, go for some geeky jewelry. This Seal of Rassilon necklace is a pretty pattern unless the other person knows what it is (and then high fives ensue). Same concept with this Mass Effect renegade necklace. It’s just a star, unless you meet another member of the Alliance.


4) Designer Tech Accessories – Gadgets don’t have to be plain (you know, unless you went with a Windows Phone). Fashion designers are creating products for some of the most popular gadgets. Kate Spade iPhone cases, Orla Kiely iPad cases, Johnathan Adler Nook cases, and Jack Spade Kindle cases are all awesome options. Just be careful buying these things online that they’re from an official store. They get faked often.


5) Penguin Clothbound Classics – These books are so pretty, I want them all. Penguin took the classics of literature, and gave them beautifully designed covers that would look amazing sitting on a shelf, mantle, or wherever. They won’t replace well loved and worn copies of the books, but they make excellent home décor.


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