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5 on Friday: Geeky Indie Polish

Etsy is being flooded with indie polish, handmade polish made by individuals. Most of the polish collections are designed around a certain theme, and are free of the most harmful chemicals. I haven’t tried any of these indie polish collections myself (I am not good about nail polish, it’s a little embarrassing).


Product Review: Ogio Brooklyn Tablet Purse

I carry an absurd amount of stuff with me when I’m on a blogging assignment. My iPad, phone, battery backup, pens, a notebook, all the things a good blogger should have on hand at any given time. Finding a purse that was able to carry all those things, and not look like


Makeup Review: Fandom Cosmetics “Keepers of the Peace”

At Fandom Fest, we ran across Fandom Cosmetics booth full of nail polish. I was ecstatic because I had just started experimenting with indie polish, and here was a whole booth where I could see the true colors without worrying if my monitors were showing me the correct colors or not. Not


Getting Kinky: Whipping Your Curly Hair into Submission

Update: I suggest looking at the new, rereleased versions of Herbal Essences saying they were sulfate free. They added confusing packaging (the shampoo is silicone free, and the conditioner is sulfate free. Which means next to nothing because that’s normal). When we’re at conventions, I’m often asked by my fellow geek girls “how do you get your


Makeup Review: Button Masher Lacquer – Be Excellent to Each Other

I am not much of a nail polish girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sparkle and pretty color. However, I am awful at keeping up with it, so I usually stick to basics and keep layering over the chips. But my friend and owner of PHLL Nail Polish, Esther Fox,


5 on Friday: Five Geeky Etsy Shops

Lately we’ve been getting messages from Pure Geekery fans asking us to feature their geeky Etsy shop. I love geeky crafts, and the creators who don’t send cease-and-desist letters (I’m looking at you Fox). And I love people trying to find a way to escape the 9-to-5 (I fantasize Pure Geekery will


How To: Waterproof Canvas Shoes

Claire and I were walking across the University of Indianapolis campus to volunteer at the Fletcher Place Culinary Collage fundraiser and it was pouring down rain. Claire was wearing her Toms and I said something along the lines of “your feet must be soaked.” To which she replied: Nope, waterproofed them with Beeswax.


Service Review: TeeSpring

Claire and I have been working on finding ways to start getting Pure Geekery to at least pay for itself. We’re running ads, have opened an Amazon store, and a Spreadshirt shop. But our first try was to use a service called TeeSpring to fundraise for our upcoming Fandom Fest trip. Why


Replacing My Converse: Keen + Inserts

A month ago I went to the doctor with ankle pain, pain I assumed was caused from either skating or the running regimen I’d started. Come to find out, the culprit was more likely my beloved Converse. Years of wearing shoes with no arches had strained my achilles tendon. Sadly, it was


Replacing My Converse

Converse are the unofficial shoe of the geek. The perfect shoe for my narrow, flat feet. Or so I thought. I went to the doctor with a stabbing pain in my ankle/heel that would not let up. Ended up being tendonitis of the Achilles tendon. Most likely caused by my chronic wearing