Product Review: Ms. Marvel Necklace by Femmecraft

Editor’s note: The necklace reviewed in this post was provided to Pure Geekery for review purposes. Femmecraft also provided the giveaway.

The Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan necklace by Femmecraft!

The Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan necklace by Femmecraft!

You know what I love about the world right now? That the more mainstream comics and superheroes and general geekiness get, the more awesome accessories I can find. These days I can’t walk through a bookstore or Target without finding multiple amazing things that I need in my life. And while I am no stranger to pop figures and TARDIS cookie jars, finding geeky jewelry that doesn’t look like I bought it from the tween section can be tougher than you would think. As a professional woman, I want to be able to rock my geekiness in a way that’s also polished a professional enough for the office.

Enter Cassie and her shop Femmecraft. This Etsy shop is a treasure trove of geekery jewelry that lets you rock your super side without looking like you found your accessories in a middle school lost and found. Cassie produces high quality jewelry celebrating geekiness at its finest- everything from DC to MArvel, movies to games, and things that are just plain pretty. She also custom upgrades such as surgical steel earring wires, 24k gold ear wires, sterling silver ear wires and sterling silver chains- greta for people with metal sensitivity!

I tested out the Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan necklace from Femmecraft and can’t say enough good things. The necklace is solidly constructed and holds up well to daily wear and occasional small dogs who like to jump on your chest and get their paws caught in the chain. Not only was the necklace well-constructed, but looked great. I got a ton of compliments and it is definitely a good statement piece that I’m super happy to have in my collection. I will definitely be wearing it for years to come.

Cassie also released a new collection in October 2014 called “The Enthusiasts“, with each piece representing a personal passion and 10% the proceeds of each pendant being donated to a charity that encourages individuals to live the passion represented by the pendant.

Femmecraft owner Cassie Goodwin says of the new collection: “This is my most ambitious and personal project yet. I am a big believer in the importance of passion in everyday life, and I hope to spotlight the amazing variety of things that can bring joy to our lives and help geeks find a way to give back to the interests that give us so much.”

Check out Femmecraft on Etsy to see the entire line of geek-tastic jewelry. Also, visit Cassie’s blog Reluctant Femme, where she posts awesome things about nails, fashion, geekiness, and feminism. Her latest post on faeries is definitely worth the read!

Cassie also provided us with a $33 AUD (approx $25 USD) Femmecraft credit so you can show off your geekiness. Enter below!

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