Claire’s Christmas Movie Countdown

I’m so close to the end of the semester I can taste it…cookies, movies, and spiced cider time is right around the corner, and I plan elf-1on celebrating with my favourite Christmas movies. Here are 10 movies you’re sure to see on the cable guide this Christmas season ranked as my top 5 favourites and the blasphemous bottom 5 I won’t watch no matter how classic they are.


1 It’s  A Wonderful Life- I feel like if they looked in to the leading causes of holiday depression, this movie would be at the top of the list. It’s boring, depressing, and just generally a pile of yuck.

2. Anything based on a Christmas Carol- Yes it’s a classic story, Dickens is a literary master blah blah blah. It gave me nightmares as a kid, so I won’t touch it.

3. The Claymation Classics- Yawn. Perfect if I’m struggling with my holiday nap.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas- Also yawn. Love the comic strip, can’t make it through any of the movies.

5.The Polar Express- I love this book, I do. It’s a must on the Geekling’s Christmas bedtime story list. But I find myself watching the clock every time this one is on.

TOP 5:

1. Love Actually- Honestly, this movie is perfect any time of year, but it’s s must for the Christmas season. The views of London at Christmas are amazing, the stories of love are human rather than fairy tale, and who doesn’t love Hugh Grant’s dancing Prime Minister?!

2. Elf- “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud of all to hear.” If Will Ferrel’s usual ridiculousness isn’t enough, Elf features a blonde Zooey Deschanel singing my favourite version of Baby it’s Cold Outside. Instant happy.

3. The Santa Clause- No explanation needed for us 90s kids. Plus, I <3 Bernard (Mr. Universe!).

4. Christmas Vacation- Everyone’s family is dysfunctional and there’s a little Griswold in all of us. It’s funny because it’s true, especially with pressure for the “perfect Christmas” increasing every year. And you get to see little Leonard Hofstadter.

5. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas- My dad and I watch this every year- the holiday isn’t complete without his rendition of You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.


So what’s on your must list for movies this holiday season?

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