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Shameless Plug: Hipsternima

It’s the Husband’s 30th birthday! An entire day of celebrations and reminding him that it’s all downhill from here. It’s all out of love, I swear. ūüėÄ In addition to beer, burgers (Note: I got a bacon cheese burger, he got a wrap. The waitress tried to give me his meal. Teehee.),


#SDCC2014 Recap!

Why hello there geek warriors! What have you all been up to?! I’ve been pretty lazy- you know, a family reunion immediately followed by a wedding, which was immediately followed by a honeymoon that included the biggest comic convention of the year. No big right? Actually, I love it. Never a dull


Finding Fluffy: Perfecting the Playlist

I spent all morning pouring over our wedding playlist. I managed to cut an 8 hour playlist down to 5 hours and change, and am putting off the task of perfectly mixing the songs for party optimization. As a kid of the 90s, the perfect playlist mix is an art that takes


Do Cable Shows Take Too Much Time Off Between Seasons?

In the past 5-10 years, cable networks have changed the playing field for how a tv season works.  A show no longer needs to premiere in the fall, or consist of 22 episodes like on major networks.  A cable show can premiere literally any time of the year, and generally consists of


Review: Halt And Catch Fire Premiere

NOTE: This review is relatively spoiler-free, touching on details¬†that were¬†found in trailers and commercials. AMC has been heavily promoting Halt and Catch Fire for months, especially during episodes of Mad Men. ¬†From the commercials, they make it very clear that it’s about a group of three people who set out to reverse


Post-credit scenes + mainstream media = SPOILERS!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I, along with many geeks alike, was very excited to see X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Being Memorial Day weekend, I was busy, and unable to see the movie until Monday.  On Sunday, I went to pull up movie times, and found something very disturbing.  The front page


5 on Friday: My Life in Big Bang Theory Clips

It seems our little subculture is torn on The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the actual theory. We’re all agreed on the actual theory). We aren’t sure if it’s laughing at us, or with us. And people are firmly either in the love it or hate it camp. There seems to


Someone has to save our skins! Women and the Star Wars Universe

Last week, the cast of the next much-anticipated installment of the Star Wars franchise was announced. With any geek franchise, especially Star Wars, casting debates are contentious and not unexpected. Fans have an idea of what a character should look like and who should play their favourites and it’s damn impossible to


Veronica Mars: How did I miss this show for so long?

NOTE: This overall review of Veronica Mars the series and movie is spoiler-free, touching briefly on main story arcs, but going into no specific details.   On March 22nd, in an effort to take more advantage of my Amazon Prime account, I decided to pick a tv show I’d never watched and


5 on Friday: Why I Love the Olympics

I love the Olympics. I don’t care if it’s the winter or summer games, I just want to watch (although I do have a preference for the winter Olympics, because skate sports). Unfortunately, this year the Olympics have been marred by horrible conditions at hotels, dangerous courses, and the fate of the