5 on Friday: My Life in Big Bang Theory Clips


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It seems our little subculture is torn on The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the actual theory. We’re all agreed on the actual theory). We aren’t sure if it’s laughing at us, or with us. And people are firmly either in the love it or hate it camp. There seems to be no inbetween. Claire and I fall in the love it camp. It’s one of my favorite prime-time comedies, and find the hyperbole funny rather than demeaning.

I also find several parts of it hit a little too close to home. In that light, here is my life in Big Bang Theory Clips.

1) Sheldon Can’t Decide on a Console


My poor non-gamer husband. You guys only have to deal with me in short bursts. He has to deal with me all the time. As a consequence, he has had to put up with several dinners like this. It could be console vs PC. Xbox vs Playstation. Which phone I should buy. Which turntable I want at the moment. And all he wants is the butter.

2) Amy Farrah Fowler Tries Heels

Have you ever seen me wear heels? There’s a good reason. After about 30 minutes I start taking these little shuffle steps. Also, I’m pretty sure “that’s my life now” was how I felt once I joined derby and finally had girlfriends.

3) Sheldon and Penny Go For a Run

Claire and I will occasionally try to get together and work out. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and we don’t stick to it too long. But when we do, it looks a bit like this. Claire being Penny and me being Sheldon. “Run until I get hungry and then stop for a bear claw” sums up Claire’s workout philosophy pretty well. She does it regularly, but isn’t fanatical. The overexcited, showing up with lots of gadgets, and then injuring myself is pretty much how I roll.

4) The Girls Go to Disney


Ok, this isn’t my life, but I wish it was so I’m including it. Regular makeovers just seem so dull after the idea of a princess makeover. Only I’m pretty sure we’d argue over who gets to be Belle. And yes, I would pull the Bernadette “I’m driving, I get first pick” method of settling the argument. (As an aside, when Claire went to Disney with the Geekling she found out that no, adults cannot get princess makeovers.)

5) Every Time I Rework the Website


Anytime I rework the website, even if it’s a minor change, I feel like the most brilliant person on the planet. I may or may not do this little dance around the nerd cave.

Are there any moments from the Big Bang Theory, or any other show really, that you’ve watched and said “yup?”

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