Disney Whirled: Lessons learned from Walt’s imagination

As you all probably saw, I spent last week on a family vacation to Disney World. It was the princess-obsessed Geekling’s first trip at an agephoto when she’ll actually remember and my first Disney vacation as an adult. I’m a self-confessed Disney addict and have no problem indulging in all the joys of the Corporate Mouse right alongside my mini-me. However, in the 10 years since my last Disney world vacation, both the world and I have changed. And there’s no better place to magnify this evolution the the happiest place on earth.

1. Roller derby skills have real-life application. The Geekling was super excited to ride on Cinderella’s horse…Have you ever tried racing a giant mob of parents and ankle biters for a spot on a carousel. Just like riding a bike, a derby girl doesn’t forget her juking or walling skills. Even when the wall is her and two carousel horses.

2. The entire park is designed for a week-long re-enactment of Aaaaaanold’s holiday classic, Jingle All The Way. Example: By now, everyone knows about Frozen. Every little girl and boy knows the songs and the stories and wants the costumes. So Disney, in its infinite wisdom, doesn’t make enough Elsa costumes. And while the Geekling got many souvenirs, the one thing she wanted above all else was an Elsa dress. After 4 days of searching and fighting crowds, I finally found the holy grail in what can only described as an Arnold-like comedy routine ending in me jumping a rope line and diving through the door of a shop in Epcot as soon as the door opened. (I’m holding on to this story for an angsty teenage argument ten years down the road where I’m accused of not ever doing anything for her.)

3. Smartphones are terrible vacation photo devices. They die halfway through the day and the extra battery pack cases are ridiculously expensive for someone that doesn’t use it often. Lessons learned for next time- buy expensive camera and spend the whole time trying to get it to work! That’s a great idea, right?

4. We are slowly morphing in to the people from Wall-E. Seriously, if I had a dollar for ever person I saw on a scooter that didn’t need it, I could have bought my way in to procuring that damn Elsa dress without risking bodily harm. Snaps to the awesome people I saw who may have actually needed the scooters, but were walking.

5. In the end, it doesn’t matter how old you get, Disney is still awesome. Sure, I see the man behind the curtain. Yes, I know that the corporation has issues, just like every other corporation.

photo (1)

Buy you know what? For those days, I didn’t care. I suspended disbelief and surrendered myself to the magic and had a damn good time.

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